Argerhills is the west most region of Osillia and is the religious capital of the Pact. Argerhill is made up of three different areas: The Untamed, a Savanna In its south filled with wildlife, tribal cultures and a large port town where most of Argerhills trade goods are bought and sold.  The Feytip hills, that larges area, it make up most of Argerhills and is the source of it’s name as the first settlement discovered was the halfling borrow of Arger. Other notable location is the capital city where the grand arch-priest resides and Fort Valiant the first line of defence against any undead or other unmentionables leaking through from Silvia. Lastly, the Frost tipped wilds, a frozen tundra populated mostly by woodland druids residing deep in the Cold heart grove, one of the last Elven enclaves.