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A wiki of the Dragonspite Universe, my own homebrewed world for my D&D campaign.

Character Class/level Status Foreseeable future
Grim Fighter/15 Alive Should I stay or should i go plays in the background
Ivy Cleric/13


Alive Things are a little out of place right now... Who are you again?
Lluila Druid/15 Alive Cat
Ragnar Wizard/15 Alive hugs a Yak
Zerris Ranger/15 Alive Didn't shout at a Dragon
Uther Warlock-ish/16 Alive Secret magical girl
Chance Sorcerer/15 Alive Potted Plant
Kriv Paladin/5 Missing Killed the angsty bastard
Jack Rogue/5 Dead Met his end by the man who should have killed him from the start
Habibi Sorcerer/4 Alive? (Retired) Owls
May Bard/4 Dead Cutting herself unironically
Aiyla A'ied Druid/4 Alive Terrifying shop keepers by accident.
Walkul Barbarian/8 Alive The Destruction of doors
Halfinn Ranger/6 Alive Founder of the island of Finnlind and currently mapping his demense.
Krodarr Fighter/3 Alive Supposedly dead. Did technically die. Laying low by covering his face with dirt.
Thokk Barbarian/15 Alive Taking a sledgehammer to the fourth wall
Anders Warlock/20 Alive/kind of "hes a good person" god
Rasha Bard/15 Alive Got some nice perfume
Kara Cleric/?


Alive (Hidden) "When you hear the jingle of my bell, that is when you know it is to late" She is following you, You just not seen her yet.

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