Grim Nevelar is a level five fighter in the Tales of Might and Megalomania, being one of the original eight characters.

Backstory Edit

Grim was born in Slagholm and was named Grimhilde II after her mother. Grim is the youngest of four siblings, and the only girl.

When she was younger her father died in a mining accident.

Eventually Kilrund, her favourite brother whom she had nicknamed Kil, decided he wanted to leave Slagholm. A few years later Grim decided to go and follow him, where she found he was no longer travelling and had instead settled down to be a stone smith instead.

Grim decided she wanted to keep travelling however, and for years she travelled up and down the country, with there rarely being a place she hasn't been.

However, being the type that likes to seek out trouble, there has been a few towns Grim has permanently been banned from. In one such town she mysteriously learnt to speak Abyssal. Why? Who knows?