Halfinn Hagirdsson is a Mountain Dwarf hailing from the small woodland town of Oakentree, a human and dwarven logging outpost a short distance from Slaghome. He joined the party of Wakul, Aiyla and Krodarr as they undertook the Trial of the Druid's in Slaghome.

Appearance Edit

Halfinn stands 4'5" with a muscular build that is typical of the Dwarves. Finn sports a long mane of umber brown hair and a braided beard to match. His face is weathered from the elements, this along with his cloudy grey eyes make him appear much older than he actually is. Finn typically dresses for the road, wearing a green cloak around his neck (that he often pulls the hood up on) and a tunic over his leather armor he sports during combat. Greens, greys, browns and blacks make up a majority of Finn's wardrobe choices, as to help him blend with the woodlands he often finds himself patrolling.

Backstory Edit

Halfinn, son of Hagird and Mathara, was born as the eldest child of his family. His father, Hagird, made a living as a brewer in Slaghome, oft serving in the city militia to defend against threats. After suffering a leg wound in a battle against a kobold raiding party, Hagird met his wife, Mathara whom was a cleric attending to the wounded. The two fell in love and said their Heart-Oaths, opening a tavern in the city and starting a family. Halfinn grew up learning his father's art, having a love for brewing while maintaining the Dwarven love of the martial arts. Finn showed great aptitude with a slew of weaponry from an early age, bows especially, and he was made a member of the Woodland Guard, a network of rangers and druids sworn to protect civilization from the dangers of the wilds.

He now bases his patrols out of the small logging outpost of Oakentree, slaying troublesome beasts in the area for what coin he can. With the growing threat of the white dragon in the area, he may see some greater dangers sooner rather than later.