Kara's Financing Notes Edit

Income Outcome Reason
(5d4*10) 140 Gold 138 Gold , 94 Sliver, 35 Copper Starting Equipment

Kara's Session Notes Edit

No Sessions to write about :( Edit

Kara's Personal Notes Edit


Note 01: (Pre-Session) Little Kara, Big Dreams Edit


You just have to spend some days looking beyond the sky, wondering what life is really like for people who travel place to place, making a living through dreams they want to live. I want to see a dragon... but at the same time it is so fun messing with people that I don't think anyone would willingly travel with me... So I just have to substitute my dream for my little lizard friend. I love him and I know he loves me, He always comes back to me and listens to my problems with the world and I share whatever I can get my hands on with him. He's barely the size of my hand but he can so easily hide in my hair, It is always a relief to talk to him after a terrible day... It's sad but he is my only friend... I try to teach him the dragon language but I don't think he can understand anything more than 'Come here', 'Hello' and 'Food'... His little agitated nips and bites don't really hurt but they do leave their mark... I don't know...What am I supposed to write... I want something NEW... something new... like... I don't know, A travelling party of adventures I can stalk? I don't care...

Oh... he stubbed his toe... wait... something has taken his foot... I know lizards can grow their limbs back but I can't leave him like this, I need to bring his little cute foot back... after that I will track down who ever did this and kill them dead... No one gets away with this... no one. Can Lizards grow limbs back?


Note 02: (Pre-Session) Deck of Money Making Edit


Holy Leria! today was a good day! I believe I managed to swindle a rouge gambler out from his deck of cards, Good condition AND they are the cheating type! They have a light smokey smell to them, little lizard can tell...I need to give him a name but I fear I will lose him when I do... anyway I tried them out, No one knew a thing and I could tell how each and every card is marked, I made so much! I even made a noble sweat when I used my little powers to pickpocket his gold pouch while playing a game with him, He couldn't pay me during a high stake game and manage to get this sweat ring out of it... I don't know what it does yet but he said it was magical... and a nuisance, Like me...

I didn't find the culprit... and legs don't grow back... I watch little lizard escape a crow by detaching it's tail, letting it flop about and detract the bird... that grew back... not the leg though... oh and we ate the bird... it was a little stabbed up after I got a hold of it and it was rather messy to clean and pull the feathers off but man, meat is good once a while... ignoring the mushy parts anyway... It wasn't mushy when it was alive...well not when it died either... I caused that... Lizard didn't care though... food was food. stab...stabby stab stab... Don't mess with little lizard...

I got it! I shall name him... Jade, for his pretty green gemstone like skin... Cheat me out of my food or gold and you will be lucky to get away with a scratch... Harm Jade in any way and I will hunt you down and cut you to shreds, no one will recognise you after I'm done with you!

Why am I threatening people in a book they will never read?


Note 03: (Pre-Session) No one is safe! DON'T STEP ON JADE! Edit


I had to hide someone in the forest today, I stabbed him a little but it was his fault... He almost stepped on Jade, my little friend... I don't care who is it... They are not to step on little jade... I left him with several thousand holes, he stopped bleeding after the fiftieth... but I watched him get up fine after a while... They always do... He did fight back... I recognised him as well... he almost killed me... but i don't care about that... his long sword did nothing this time... how does it feel to be stepped on huh? Not even the law could protect you from me... Don't mess with Jade...

oh... I think I know what the ring does... went to have a bath... and walked on the top of water... I thought I was god for a second... the same man came back after me after I was done...left him with a few more holes... his skin was cold and pale... he didn't bleed anymore and his eyes were white, He tried to bite me... what kind of man does that? I don't care... I took away his legs this time... you can only stab a person so many times before something falls off...

I'm in a rather dark place right now... I need time alone...