Walkul, Formerly Walkul Door-Breaker, Was given command of the Western Heavy Door-smashers; whose signature weapons were a mixure of two-handed weapons. Given the apparant nature of the unit, the western heavy door-smashers became the primary shock troops for the western armies, and were one of the most valued units when it came to the final offensive.

    It was at the final siege of du'door, that said unit smashed through the defences of the fortification in one fell swoop. After the battle that ensued in the fort's grounds, the Western heavy door-smashers were also responsible for the storming of the door-king's throne room, the destruction of the doom doors, the door-kings elite bodyguards, and the barbaric and very graphic slaying of the door king. (sketch on page 27)
    -Extract from 'Art of Door Desturction', Kron the door-slayer

Origins Edit

Writen by Walkul Door-Breaker under the pen name Kron the Door-Slayer, detailing the events that transpired during the door wars. The book became a best-seller among the western Orcish communities, however nobody knows how many were sold, or how much profit was made, as nobody counted.

Features & Traits Edit

Door-Smasher Edit

After reading up on the arts of door smashing, you know the weak points of doors and in which way to strike.

(gain Advantage on attack rolls against doors)

Gained From:

  • Reading The Art of Door Destruction