Literal behind the scenes to Vivi and Iviv's interactions to each other. Edit

Ever wanted to know what Vivi and Iviv got up to every time they get knocked out or when they are out of session, maybe you want to know their actual relationship? or have you come to get a rough overview of the campaign so far, Then read on...


The Ignored Threat. Edit

They stood in front of each other in the dark void like space, Iviv’s stone cold stair told Vivi that she knew what she was planning:

“It won’t work…” Iviv shrugged as she walked past Vivi, a white shadow illumination in the dark black void of their minds “They will drive you mad, They will hurt you and they will toss you aside when they are done with you”

“You don’t know that!” Vivi span around and grabbed Iviv before she got to far “You can’t assume everyone is bad!”

“Poor Little Vivi” Iviv glares at her “Everyone is ‘our’ enemy, that has never changed” she un-grapples herself and walks away.

“Don’t hurt them” Vivi darkly muttered, her voice echoed into the distance.

“Sorry?” Iviv lightly laughed as she slowly turned to face Vivi “What could you do to stop me?” she taunted “You’re weak, easily manipulated and your emotions betray you… I saved you Vivi...  remember that…” Iviv dark laugh echoed into the distance, Vivi does not break her gaze.

“What could I do?” Vivi repeated “I will kill you the only way I know how” Iviv stops laughing and frowns as she slowly looks at Vivi dead in the eyes.

“You’re kidding…” Iviv goes to pat Vivi’s head but she backs off before she could “you know what you’re saying right?”

“Yes” Vivi answered calmly “If I find out that you hurt anyone I care about then I will kill you”

“You will kill yourself” Iviv frown just deepened “you would let them win-”

“They were scared! I want to show everyone that I can help them! That I’m not a threat, that you’re not a threat-” Vivi jumps as Iviv bursts out laughing.

“Have you lost your mind?!” Iviv giggles “I live to kill people, You live to help, Yin and Yang, Dark and Light…” Iviv stretches her arms out to her sides “You can’t get rid of me Vivi but…” Iviv’s arms fall to her side as she walks up to Vivi, standing by her side and whispers in her ear “I play your little game for now… Tell me who to kill when the time comes though, it would be no fun if I let you do all of the work” she laughs as she stretched.

“That will never happen…” Vivi muttered, Iviv frowns as she holds her fingers up.

“Enough… you will miss your chance to go with them…” Iviv looks into the distance “But when I get my chance Vivi, I will make sure they know about your dark secret, your other lovely half, me” Iviv laughs as she snaps her fingers, the world suddenly lights up as Vivi bursts out from her bed gasping for breath.


First Impressions. Edit

Vivi laughs as she watched Iviv fly back into the void like space of their minds before grasping the back of their head with a pained exspression on her face. Iviv cursed her own life before sitting up from her prone position.

"You know how to pick them..." Iviv sighed as her body slowly re-adjusted from the impact "That could have killed us"

"You're over reacting" Vivi continued to laugh before leaning in excitedly "Hay Iviv, What did they do next?"

"Next huh?" Iviv looked into the void for a moment "Don't know... I did not have enough time to see what was going on in front of me..." Iviv glared at Vivi "I'm still pissed you know..." Vivi sighed and falls onto her back.

"My head hurts..." Vivi whined "And you had nothing do with that?"

"I told you what happened, I got control then I got shot right back in here..." Iviv painfully lifts herself off the ground and rubs her neck "I'm surprised that dwarf did not break our neck..." Vivi giggle echoed in the background, Iviv just stretched "Hate to say it little Vivi but these guys will get us killed"

"Nha, they are nice people" Vivi pointed into the void like sky "There are eight of us Iviv, Big group right? I got my work cut out for me" Iviv just sighed as she went to sit next to Vivi "A Fighter, Druid, Rouge, Ranger, Sorcerer, Bard, Paladin and me, a Cleric"

"They are going to be trouble Vivi..." Iviv poked Vivi's face "Do you know their names?"

"Grim, Lluila, Jack, Zeris, Habibi, May and Kriv" Vivi chanted as she leans up "But..."

"But?" Iviv leans back with a smile "What is it about them that makes you uncomfortable little Vivi?" Vivi just sighed as she glanced at Iviv

"May... she cuts herself... alot... her intrament has barbed wires!" Vivi whined "Who does that?! Zeris has a large spider!-"

"Nice" Iviv inturupted "I like spiders..."

"Right..." Vivi shivers at the thought "Grim steals... Lluila is scared of everything... even me... and Jack is clearly hiding something..." Iviv pats Vivi on the back.

"Everyone hides something, just don't worry about it..." Iviv grinned to herself "what about the others?"

"What is there to say?" Vivi smiled "Habibi and Kriv seem to be the most normal people I have seen in a long time..." Vivi frowns as Iviv claps her hands together right in her ear and leaps to her feet.

"Normal? poor little Vivi, when has anyone ever been normal?" Iviv frowns herself as she looks back into the distance "All it means is that they had to deal with this before... They are the most dangrouse ones there..."

"you're not so bad..." Vivi muttered as she looked in the same direction Iviv was looking "You listen and talk to me..."

"That means nothing..." Ivivi snaped at her "Deception, ever heard of it?"

"Then why-" Vivi began but Iviv shushed her.

"Do you hear that?" Iviv muttered, Vivi shakes her head "Music... good music... huh?" Iviv flew off her feet and vanished in a blinding light, when Vivi recovered her sight she looked around the empty void and fell back on her back laughing.

"Now that was unfair!" Vivi giggled to herself "Please be kind Iviv... I know you're not a bad person..." I shiver runs down her back as she spins around with fear in her eyes, nothing was there... just her. "Who's there? Iviv?" Her echo bounced around in the distance, she pulled her knees up to her face and leaned her chin against them "It's cold here...".


Blerk the friendly Goblin? Edit

Iviv yawned as Vivi paced back and fourth.

"So... I got knocked out again..." Iviv broke the scilence, Vivi glanced at her but continued to pace "Watched that rouge fellow punch himself in the face... does he usually do that?"

"No..." Vivi sighed as she fell back disappointedly "What do you think Iviv?"

"Think of what? That rouge?" Iviv laughed as she dodges a punch from Vivi "Hay hay, what got you so riled up little guy?"

"The Goblins... They are just trying to survive, live life how they want to live" Vivi muttered to herself, Iviv edges closer to hear "They are just like us... no... That is what we would have become if we stayed..."

"Vivi... I have no idea what you are on about..." Iviv sighed as she got up from the ground "Infact I have no idea where we are, what time it is or when we last ate... let alone the last time I slept..."

"Your point is?" Vivi harshly asked, Iviv stretches before lightly pushing Vivi on her back.

"What I'm getting at little Vivi..." Iviv began as she leaned in close "Is that I'm board and I have yet to play around with your new friends" She stepped back before Vivi could grab her "It would also help if you told me what you are doing, I can't keep taking control in a new place every time you know..."

"You want to know what happened?!" Vivi snapped at her "We obliterated an entire goblin settelment, we killed thier king who, guess what, made a deal with these blood cultests to collect... I don't know... something... I got third degree burns all over my body-"

"yea... felt that one... reminds me of old days-" Iviv happily said before leaping back as three bolts of light struck where she was standing moments ago "Intresting... I think I need to reflect on our spells-"

"Shut up" Vivi shouted, her voice echoing into the distance "Never bring that up again!" Vivi sighed as she paced around the void again "We did save one though..."

"You save a goblin?" Iviv asked in surprise "Why? what possiable use could a goblin have" Vivi's angered glare stopped her rant.

"His name is Blerk, as of now on he is part of our party" Vivi swiped her spear near Iviv "Got it?"

"Fine... I won't touch him..." Iviv srugged "Goblins are no fun anyway... What can this one do anyway?"

"We found him... doing blacksmith's work" Vivi sighed, Iviv tilted her head to one side.

"That is... actually quite helpful, why did you sigh?" Iviv questioned her but Vivi does not respond. Iviv snaps her fingers "Let me guess! Blerk is old? become ill? Are your friendly party members mistreating him? Has the spider eaten him?"

"eww..." Vivi cringed "Why... no... Iviv... god... just no..." Vivi stuttered as Iviv laughed "Blerk is ill, I don't know what to do about it..."

"Heal him, like you always do..." Iviv giggled as she poked Vivi on the side of her head "No brainer there..."

"It... It's not that kind of illness..." Vivi sighed as she threw her spear into the void, the light envloped it before fading into the dark. "I'm watching him but... I don't know... I fear for his life..." Vivi looks up at Iviv squinting at her, inches from her face "ehh... personal space Iv... is there something on my face?"

"Again... A goblin..." Iviv shakes her head as she leans back "Anyone else would have stabbed the little guy to death... or splattered him like that dwarf of yours-"

"well... Grim was the one who convinced Blerk to join us..." Vivi lightly coughed happily as Iviv stairs at her with her mouth wide open.

"Has the world gone mad?!" Iviv shouted at the top of her lungs "Ya'll all a bunch of pansys!" She turns and goes off in a rant, leaving Vivi to happily wave back and fourth. her frown soon returns as she remembers what she was thinking about earlier, she then snaps her fingers attracting Iviv's attention.

"What?" Iviv rudly asked as she stormed up to Vivi.

"Hay~ Iviv" Vivi smiled lightly as she took a single step forward, both palms glowing white "I just remembered something... want to play a little game?" Iviv took two steps back and pulled out her spear just as Vivi lundge at her. She swiped at Vivi but failed to correct her balance, falling to the ground. Six balls of light struck the area around her blinding her brifly. when she could see again, she saw that Vivi had toppeled over her, she just pats her head.

"Hay little Vivi" Iviv calmly asked before grabbing Vivi's hair and pulling her face up so that she can see hers "What... was that about?!"

"Ow... A warning Iviv! owowow... Let go!" Vivi angrily snapped at Iviv "And pay back for those kids!"

"Oi now" Iviv threw Vivi off her and slowly lifted herself off the ground "Those kids were nothing but trouble... they deserved what came to them" Iviv shivered as she looked into the distance "oh... I would gladly spar with you another time Vivi but it seems you are needed-" She turns to see an empty void, Vivi no where to be seen "Aww... I had this one liner I was about to use..." She looks back into the distance "Huh... Strange... I thought..." She shrugged before muttering to herself, suddenly shouting out "WHY A GOD DAMN GOBLIN?!".


A place to call home? Edit

Vivi stretched and looked up from her book as Iviv appered in the distance, she got up from her chair that vanished in the process and waited for Iviv to come closer.

"So?" Vivi asked "What do you think?"

"Was this that same run down place you had to fight that massive mole?" Iviv tutted "And had that goblin tunnel in it? I'm going to be honest Vivi... I would rather sleep in an inn than stay here for a single night"

"It needs a little bit of work but we would have a place to call our own!" Vivi happily sings "A place to rest and not worry about being mugged. think about it Iviv! We could have a normal life again!" Iviv sighs as she walked past Vivi and sat down on her own chair, the light pealing away revealing an old wooden texture.

"Vivi... Poor Little Vivi..." Iviv muttered "That option was taken from us a long time ago... Staying in one spot makes us likerly targets and the town... Vivi... the damn town..."

"What about it? They are good people" Vivi tilts her head to one side questionably, Iviv sighed again before glaring at her.

"You and your group are thier hero's, the people who saved the town..." Iviv critisised "They are going to approch you about every annoying little damn thing and exspect you to save the town over and over..." Iviv suddenly stood up, knocking the chair back "And don't forget we are hired by that Anders guy, I hate being someone elses damn pet! Face it Vivi! We ran from one person in power just to end up in the arms of another!" Iviv shouted, Vivi frowned, strided up to Iviv and slapped her across the face. She fell back surprised.

"Iviv... for once... just for once... look on the birght side of life... We have friends! A place to rest for free! Spending money! and a job that gets us paid doing the things we do best!" Vivi shouted at Iviv through her tears "I don't get you Iviv! Why are you like this?" Iviv slowly gets up, grabs Vivi by the collor and struggled to lift her off the ground.

"What bright side is there Vivi?!" Iviv yelled at her "'Your' friends can die without you ever realising it! A house is a house, it can be taken from you! Money is just a tool to get others to work for them!" Iviv gasps for breath "And that job?! It is from a man I don't trust and could dissaper at any time! Where is your job then? Where is the money that would keep us alive? IF we stay alive!" Iviv tried to throw Vivi back but Vivi just stumbeled back "I'm a damn laughing stock Vivi, I tried to be me every time I get control but it ends up with me being knocked out or pinned with some over protective 'Friend' of yours..." She sighed as she picked up her chair and sat tiredly on it. "At least you're having fun..." Iviv muttered as she watched Vivi hand her a book "What am I supposed to do with this?".

"A present" Vivi muttered back "You wanted to reflect on your spells... I made this out of what I could remember from our master..." Iviv tuts as she takes the book and flicks through it.

"Has anyone taught you to write?" Iviv snickered "This is terrible..."

"I got one just like it..." Vivi turned away from her shivering "In the real world... if it makes you happy then I will lend it to you..." She started to walk away from Iviv, she sighed and snapped her fingers to catch Vivi's attention.

"I guess with a little work the place could be... I don't know... Better..." Iviv cringed as Vivi looked back "Just make it feel safe Vivi... I won't complain then.... ok?" Vivi lightly smiled in response "Hay... The feeling is mutral... I don't understand you but I don't try... That is where we differ... Just don't try Vivi" She waved her off, Vivi waited for several seconds before moving away.

"I'm not like that... I will try... I must try..." Vivi glanced back at Iviv who somehow gotten herself some reading glasses and began to flick through the book again "I'm worried about you the most..."


The Rebillion. Edit

Iviv laughs as Vivi paces around the room, Glaring angrily at Iviv every now and then.

"You're enjoying this far to much!" Vivi snaps at her "Innocent people are dieing!"

"They were fine in till your little band of adventures came into their lives" Iviv sang back "You guys were the people who sparked the start of the this bloodbath!"

"I..." Vivi began but trailed off, not quite sure how to awnser Iviv, she grins at Vivi.

"From the looks of things. this was going to start one way or another" Iviv whistled "And I belive this Anders guy knew this as well"

"Where are you going with this?" Vivi muttered as she watched Iviv slowly walk around her.

"Where am I going with this? Little Vivi..." Iviv pretended to sigh disapointedly "He sent us here knowing what was about to happen, he knew we would spark this war. Investigation my ass!" Iviv laughs "Still trust him Vivi?"

"There was no way he could have-" Vivi stops herself and thinks "I don't belive he sent us here intending to start a war Iviv..."

"Oh grow up Vivi" Iviv hissed "A countress who exsploits her people for power and wealth, Blood Cultests run freely in the shadows, a secerate organisation called the raven's court... It stinks of corruption here and you still belive Anders is not up to something?"

"I... but... maybe..." Vivi stuttered "At least I'm trying to do something!"

"Like what?!" Iviv taunted "The only way this ends now is if we kill the countress or everyone else dies" Iviv started to dance around Vivi "Tell me Vivi, If Anders did not send you and you learned of all of the corruption going on, what would you have done? would you have stopped the countress? prevented the rebellion?" Vivi just looks down at the floor, unresponsive "Little Vivi, What we need to do now is finnish what we began" Iviv whispered in her ear "People die, that is nature. The strong prevail over the weak, survival of the fittest. Everyone is saying the countress is evil right? easy, we do the job we got hired to do"

"This is not what I wanted" Vivi muttered under her breath, Iviv just frowned

"This is what the world is Vivi, Unfair, Cold and Deadly... no one is truely your friend, They lie to your face beliving it is for your own good" Iviv stretched "At least I tell you the truth, The unforgiving truth you don't want to hear" She chuckled to herself "I will prove it to you one day Vivi and when I do... oh when I do..." she leans in close to her face "I want to savour every moment of your dispair, that feeling of betrayal, the look of fear, that loss of light... and when you show your cracks..." She chuckled evily as she leaned back and walked away "They will break you down Vivi... No wall stands forever... and when it does... I'm going to enjoy every last second as they turn on you... just like this war-"

"ENOUGH" Vivi's voice boomed into the distance "I know what you are trying to do Iviv! It's not working!"

"Oh?" Iviv said, clearly amused "Tell me little Vivi 'what' I'm trying to do? I'm only telling you the truth..." She held the book Vivi gave her in her hand and waved it about "I'm the only one who tells you the truth-"

"Jack told me the truth..." Vivi muttered, Iviv gagged trying not to laugh.

"That joke of a rouge? Did he tell you what he was hiding?! no no no! Don't tell me! he-" Iviv Gagged as Vivi lashed out striking the base of her neck.

"Don't talk ill of him..." Vivi warned Iviv "I trust him with my life more that I do with you"

"You are going to regreat that" Iviv coughs "He's nothing but trouble-"

"Like those kids Iviv?!" Vivi shouted pissing off Iviv

"Worse Vivi..." Iviv muttered "I don't know him, what he was or who he was... but he has this dark aura around him..." Iviv shivered in delight "He killed a lot of people Vivi, I love that side about him but he is far too... unpredictable... I can't stand by someone who is both incompetent and dangerouse" She looked directily into Vivi's eyes "He cannot protect you, he only knows how to kill and you end up being his next victim!"

"You're wrong, he won't harm his friends-" Vivi said but Iviv just tuts

"Again with that friends bullshit... Can you really garentee he won't turn around and backstab someone?" Iviv tosses her hands up in the air in anger "Just listen to me Vivi! Anders is not a good guy and I be damned if Jack ever was! Now what do we need to do? come on Vivi, even you should know this!"

"We need to dethrone the countress..." Vivi muttered.

"I would have used the word 'kill' but that works fine" Iviv srugged.

"we're not finished Iviv" Vivi stepped forward but Iviv held out her fingers.

"Yes, we are" And she snaps her fingers, Vivi waking up in the real world and feeling Grim carrying her once again. she cursed under her breath and lets grim place her back onto the ground, thanking her for taking care of her while she was unconscious and continued with the task in hand.


The Curse Sword. Edit

Iviv passes the depressed Vivi grinning from ear to ear, Vivi glances at her before looking back down at her notes.

"Had fun?" Vivi muttered, Iviv span to face her on her left foot and hummed a cheary tune in response "Nice to know one of us had something go right for them... The countress?"

"Dead" Iviv cheered before frowning "I also noticed that spider of yours is... well... not in one peice... A waist really..."

"I know... so you actually got to move around for once..." Vivi asked without turning to face her "Did anyone notice?" Vivi turns to Iviv who was chuckeling to herself "What did you do?"

"Hay hay, Little Vivi..." Iviv smiled "Why do you think I did somthing? sure I shot Jack in the leg but-"

"WHAT?!" Vivi bounced to her feet, stormed over to Iviv and grabbed her by the slots of her armour, lifting her about a foot in the air "I told you what would happen if you-" Vivi managed to say before being kicked in the chest, she lets go of Iviv and staggers back, drawing her spear in the process.

"Let me finish before you go assulting other people!" Iviv hissed as she regained her balance "I don't know what the hell was going on but everyone suddenly turned on him" Iviv chuckled to herself again "I told you little Vivi, They will turn on you the first chance they-"

"Iviv..." Vivi glared at her, harshly spitting out her name "Tell me E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G! Or I sware to god-"

"Hay hay, Don't sware at god, what kind of cleric are you?" Iviv chuckled to her own joke before leaping to one side, narrowly advoiding the spear "You can't harm me here Vivi... so stop trying..."

"Iviv... No more childish games! Tell me everything you know! Why?! Why did they all attack Jack?" Vivi shouted, another spear appering in her hand, Iviv just chuckled eivily

"Vivi... Poor little Vivi... we both know you can't intimidate anyone, if you really want something, just ask nicely- oh shi-" Iviv joked around before trying to fall back as Vivi struck where she was standing, She was about to taunt her but Vivi had already moved to where she stood, stabbing down onto her leg and pinning her to the ground. The mark appered on Vivi's leg as well. "Well owch..." Iviv muttered as she reached for Vivi however she kept her distance, close enough to pin her but out of arms reach.

"Ok..." Vivi sighed as she put pressure on the spear, a look of pain spread across both of their faces "Don't dodge the question anymore..." Vivi asked "Please?"

"Really now?!" Iviv half yelled "You stab someone then exspect them to play nice? Even I'm not that bad!" She turns her head away and whispers "Though... I usually end up killing them..."

"Iviv~" Vivi whined "Just tell me what you saw!"

"No" Iviv yelped, Vivi just sighed and looked into the distance

"I thought you would have wanted to tell me your great reveal to the group" Vivi loudly tuts as she glanced back at Iviv, she was trying not give away her dissapointment "I mean this was your first time you actally got to do what you wanted and this is how you spend your time with me?"

"Vivi... stop, this is pittiful..." Iviv sighed "You wanted to know right? fine, He darted for this large Claymore of a Sword the countress dropped, Grim tried to break it and jack reacted poorly" Iviv frowns "I was torn Vivi, I wanted him to get this evil sword but the idea of hurting him felt much more rewarding-"

"Evil sword?" Vivi tilted her head as she released pressure from the spear, Iviv took this chance to grab the spear and throw it out from her leg, toppiling Vivi in the process. Iviv grabs her own spear and digs it into Vivi's unharmed leg as she screamed. the mark also appering on Iviv's leg.

"How do you like it brat?!" Iviv taunted as she collapsed to her knees "yea... Evil sword... nasty thing that steals your soul type of evil..." Iviv shivered "I don't ever want to be near that stuff Vivi... It scares me... who would I talk to if you get taken away?"

"We're the same soul, diffrent people but the same soul..." Vivi muttered, Iviv scoffed and removed the spear from Vivi's leg. They both fell onto their backs. "I think we both would be effected... and not in a good way... Did he get the sword?"

"Grim shattered it as soon as we pinned him down..." Iviv lightly laughed "Duriable bastard... He took a lot and still kept going... I think I could use someone like him..."

"What happened to the whole unpredictable, incompetent and dangerouse part?" Vivi chuckled "At least your warming up to them... for the wrong reasons though..."

"Get this, he tried talking to the remains ranting on about taking his soul in order to protect his new found friends" Iviv gagged as soon as she said 'friends' "I still think he will backstab you though..."

"That is fine..." Vivi smiled "At least I know where his heart lies..." they lay on the ground in scilence... Iviv sighed as she tried to sit up "You healed him right?"

"Passed out before I could..." Iviv srugged "I hate that you know... I don't get a lot of time..."

"Good" Vivi laughed as Iviv frowns.

"Oh yea, I also muttered a little surprise at that ranger and..." Iviv tilts her head to one side "Who is the warlock? I don't belive I've seen them before?"

"Really? Uther has been with us for a while..." Vivi sat up herself without any trouble "Infact it was him and Barry that save our asses during-"

"yea yea, I remember you telling me that... those swords pack a punch..." Iviv rubs her neck "Lot of good our armour did Vivi..." he fell back onto her back. "I don't feel like moving..."

"Right..." Vivi muttered as she got back onto her feet, the marks on her legs fully healed "Are you going to tell me what you said to them?"

"Nope..." Iviv smiled

"That worries me..." Vivi muttered

"Good..." Iviv mimicked Vivi's voice poorly which is a wonder in it self since they had the same voice "Want to find out?" Iviv laughed as she snaps her fingers, while Vivi vanishes into the void Iviv spits out a mouth full of blood, it slowly evaporated into the void. "When did the rules change?" she sighed as she rubbed over the hidden wounds on her legs before squinting into the distance raising her fingers, Snapping them causing a large fire like tornado. she grins as she claps her hands together while turning away from the spell. As it died down, a whip of fire catches her on her back leaving a small mark on her back. she sighed as she closed her fists and curses under her breath, just as Vivi was thrown back into the void. "You're kidding right?"


'He' was here... Edit

Vivi storms past Iviv in a new white dress, showing her figure off more than usual. Iviv raises her eyebrows and places her hands onto her hips.

"Fancy" Iviv muttered disappointingly "How much had that costed you? You did rent it right?" She leans near Vivi as she sits down onto her chair and opens up her book of spells, holding up to her face "Yo, little Vivi... Did you go to a party? Celebration?" She takes the book out from Vivi's hands, Vivi snatches it back and quickly gets up and walks away "Giving me the cold shoulder now Little Vivi?" Iviv scoffed as she picked up her spear, cheeking the weight in her hand before throwing it at Vivi. She turns tossing the book at Iviv, hitting the spear in the process destroying the book, the spoear itself falls to the ground and dissapers in the darkness. Vivi tuts as another book appears in her hand while she turns away from Iviv. "Vivi" Iviv hissed "What the hell is wrong with you?!" She shouted as she stormed up to her, grabbing her by the shoulder and spinning her to face her, her angered stare and lightly blushing face told her what she wanted to know. "Did your little group of friends do something?" She grinned happily, pissing Vivi off even more. She tried to push away but Iviv managed to keep Vivi grappled "Tell me E.V.E.R.Y T.H.I.N.G" Vivi tried to pull away but Iviv pinned her.

"Let me GO!" Vivi yelled in her face, Iviv lets go letting Vivi walk back a few steps. Vivi pushes some of her hair out from her face and flicks through the book in her hand. "Everything just went wrong today!" she hissed as she fell back onto the chair that appeared behind her and dropped the book before leaning back and placing her fingers onto her forehead.

"Well... no one died, I know that much..." Iviv shrugged muttering to herself "If you are this angry then... what?" She shrugged again "Right, This was during a big event" Iviv began, Vivi nods tiredly "Was the town attacked?" Vivi does not respond "No? hmm... oh..." She face-palms herself as she looks at vivi with her small pale eyes "That bastard was here!? of all places?!" Vivi nods, Iviv laughs "Did your friends act like Nobles to that ass-hole?"

"NO!" Vivi half shouted, half muttered "They acted like... How they usually act" Vivi sighed "I wish sometimes they would actually take into account what they do could effect others... WILL effect others" She looks directly at Iviv as she leans in to listen "Dawn... Dawn of all people they decide to act like children in front of... I had to stand up for him!"

"Actually..." Iviv glanced to the side pulling a childish face "You don't actually have a duty to protect him-"

"Its not him I'm worried about" Vivi hissed "It's everyone who works for him, if he leaves annoyed then who do you think suffers?"

"Could care less Vivi... but amuse me..." Iviv sighed as she stretched.

"Other clerics like us suffer for our mistakes and who do you think will get the blame Iviv?!" Vivi tiredly muttered "Us... we're the cleric on sight... we should have protected him from their... I don't know... FOOLISHNESS..."

"Nothing new Little Vivi" Iviv pats her head, Vivi reacted violently "Dawn is a foolish man himself-"

"I KNOW!" Vivi jumped up from her seat "But did they REALLY have to FALL to HIS level of FOOLISHNESS?!" Vivi groans as she grabs a fist full of her hair "I should have stayed at home..."

"Please tell me dawn got what he deserved!" Iviv laughed, Vivi sighed and rubbed her eyes

"He left before things got out of hand" Vivi happily muttered "I ran after him to apologise but he did his usual vanishing act..."

"Right~" Iviv sang "He just doing his bullshit evil-"

"Don't you go there!" Vivi angrily shouted making Iviv jump "He's an ass-hole but not Evil!"

"keep telling yourself that poor little Vivi" she chanted happily "you know full well what he did to your master" Vivi stayed silent

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Dragons and Ice. Edit

(Waiting to be updated) (The Ice dragon attacks)


What? Switching to fast? Being Watched? Edit

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"I love timing that... always on the dot..." Iviv chuckled as she got up from the ground, The air shimmered around her as the void parted into a colourful scene... "I also love this little trick... It is about time you stop hiding things from me little Vivi, Show your older sister what you get up to" She evily laughed as she stepped into the room, the same room the entire party was in as Vivi regained conscious, sitting up and looking around confused before moving to aid those who are injured. "There is reasons why you don't isolate people Master, isolated people learn thing you don't want them to learn" She chuckled as she inspected every single member in the party, How they look, What armour they had, The weapons they carry, the dark exspressions they wore on thier faces. Iviv stopped short... Had she miscounted the number of people in the room? "I sware there was ten people in this room..."


The path of the warrior Edit

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May Day! Iviv makes a move. Edit

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Ice Cold Situation Edit

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Fun Times? Edit

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Serious Situation Edit

Both Vivi and Iviv was ejected into the void from the very same spot at the very same time, both cursing under their breath as they slowly got back up, Iviv rubs the back of her head.

"GOD DAMN IT VIVI! THAT DAMN DWARF KNOCKED ME OUT AGAIN!" Iviv yelled storming up to Vivi, she just tiredly looked at her. "The next time I see that DAMN bard, I WILL K.I.L.L HIM!"

"Enough Iviv..." Vivi muttered but she was punched to one side, Iviv storms back up to Vivi and picks her up from the ground.

"You also tried to STOP me" Iviv hissed to her face "You S.T.A.B.B.E.D me!"

"I stabbed myself" Vivi looked away from Iviv "Nothing to do with you-"

"B.U.L.L.S.H.I.T" Iviv spat in her face "I try to protect you Vivi but when you do this to me then-" Vivi slapped Iviv and kicked her back, they both fell to the ground.

"Protect me?!" Vivi yelled back "You tricked someone to lose a game, I saw a BOMB, We hit next to NOTHING during the attack and TWO people almost DIED"

"Don't care about anyone else-" Iviv began but Vivi jumped onto her feet and slammed the shield into Iviv, pinning her to the floor.

"I'm not finished... You attacked Zeris! I WARNED YOU ABOUT THAT!" Vivi pulled out several chains from the void "I may be weak, I know I can't stop you but the one DAMN thing I can swear to my god is that YOU won't do any more harm!" Iviv laughs as she grabs the shield and slowly forced Vivi off her, Vivi struggled to keep her back as Iviv forced the shield into Vivi.

"Vivi..." Iviv hissed as she bent the shield back, Vivi started to panic "You are going to regret that!" Iviv tore the shield from her hands, breaking her fingers in the process. Vivi threw the chains at Iviv with Guiding bolt but they missed, Iviv grabbed them and stabbed them into Vivi's shoulders, she screams but vanishes into the void. the chains were contently being pulled into the point where Vivi vanished, reappearing from the point it was pulled out from. Iviv sighed as the area opens up around her... The chain was still attached but people seem to be walking through it, She grins as she tugs on the chain, Vivi seemed to respond by holding her hand to the back of her head. "Vivi... poor STUPID Vivi... I don't care what you do now... I'm in control, That mix up proved that" She laughs evilly and she pulls at the chain, Vivi holds the back of her head again, Iviv sighed disappointingly. "Really? nothing more than that?! great...".


Recap, Airship Attack, Rasha and 'Berindil'... My Cleric Master... Edit

Iviv watched from the safety of the void, slowly twisting the chain around her arm and tugging it every now and then to see how Vivi would react... however it would appear that she had started to ignore the pain and continued to be herself... she grinned to herself as they enter a near by cave to rest up for the night.

"Not long now Vivi, I can feel you slipping..." Iviv muttered to herself before letting go of the chain and picking up the spell book, opening it to a bookmarked page and raised her hand, snapping her fingers... nothing happened. She snapped her fingers again, nothing happens. "Hay...What is the big idea? who the hell would- no... COULD prevent me- us from using my spells- ah..." She tenses up as she began throwing out random spells. 9th level... nothing... 8th level... nothing... 7th, 6th and 5th... nothing... 4th? a spark... but nothing followed after... Iviv rubs her eyes and turns to see what Vivi is up to...and felt a well known spell run through her as she shivered... "Zone of truth... always hated that spell... but..." before she could see the results of the spell, Vivi dispelled it... it didn't work... she only got two of the possible eight. Iviv shrugged... the awnsers that came out of them were all that she had expected... What would they do if Vivi and herself snapped... go crazy and potentially become harmful... Only one person stood out... Zerris... Iviv slowly wondered over to him, inspecting his face before sitting in front of him, knowing full well he could not see her. "Of all the people here, I knew the answer that you would have given... Your just sparing her the details..." Iviv sighs as she looked back over to Vivi, she had also noticed Zerris had not answered her question. " one seems to have the balls to tell her that they will kill her when it happens-" She harshly glances at Rasha "Well... except him... but I knew that already... Dead bastard... first chance I get..." A blinding light suddenly filled the cave. The chain suddenly reacted violently snapping off Vivi and darted towards Iviv, with a yelp she threw herself back avoiding the chain by several centre meters. She pulled up her shield and tried to block the advancing chain but watched as the chain phased through her shield, hitting her square in the chest... she had felt this pain once before... this unwanted affection... she grabs the chain and tries to tear it in half however it stayed true, holding her down as the light parted to a figure... her vision started to blur as she reached for the figure, hissing only one word... "Berindil"

Soon after the light had parted, Vivi awoke in the void like space... happily grinning to herself as she turned to face Iviv... and laughed... Iviv was suspended in the air held by thin golden chains, she watched as Vivi slowly inspected the new display in front of her.

"It was a cage last time..." Iviv muttered "I really can't tell if this is better or not... oh... by the way... I hate him..."

"I know" Vivi chimed as she hummed a happy tune "I feel so alive! so relaxed! so full of energy-"

"About that..." Iviv sighed as she tried to look up, the chains forcing her head down "We can't use a few of our spells-"

"That is fine" Vivi hummed "It makes all the work more worth it in the end of the day"

"Right..." Iviv tried to face away from Vivi but the chain pulled her back again "I really hate being controlled... so let me down..."

"Why? I think this is a rather suitable punishment for a repeat offender" Vivi poked Iviv on the cheek, she tried to react but the chains only tightened "Back to step one right Iviv? but this time I will be ready for you"

"Oh? are you trying to threaten me?" Iviv grinned, forcing her head up to meet Vivi. the chained creaked under the the pressure "I will get what I want, He was just lucky I was not in control when he appeared! I would have gone for his heart and tore it out in front of you!" She laughed to herself "Yea, I knew... You can see what I do now, I noticed when you didn't use that little pendent of yours... No questions, No talking, Nothing but fighting about my wrongs..."

"Don't care, Shut up" Vivi sang pissing off Iviv "I won't let you decide what I do anymore, I gave you so many chances so no more, Prepare Iviv for now I am born a new!"

"My god just shut your yap for a second" Iviv hissed as she tried to grab Vivi, the chains struggling to hold her back. Vivi just took a single step back out of reach of Iviv "You can't lock me up and neither can he! It may take some time but I will break out, You won't remember anything and we will both start a new-"

"Not this time, I learned not to trust you so easily now... no... relearned not to trust you" Vivi hissed back, her eyes full of hope and passion, looking for a way to solve the issue in front of her. "I learned that no matter what, My companions will be there for me... friendly or hostile they will solve my problems with me, even if it means killing us in the process!" She laughs and claps her hands together "For this time I have the blessing of Mother Eldathy on my side! No longer will I be a disappointment! I'm going to move forward with a new sense of-"

"Bomb" Iviv muttered throwing Vivi off her rant "Rasha using Friend on us, manipulating us... The bat riders... are we not going to discus any of that? maybe your attempt of keeping the undead back? the tree of purity?"

"You... want to talk?" Vivi faltered falling to her knees "Just... talk? No banter? No threats? nothing? just talk?"

"Yes..." Iviv raised her eyebrow and let the chains pull her back "I don't have much else to do and 'Someone' restricted my use of magic... life is a all time low for me..."

"I... what? ok? ehh... The mercenary airship-" Vivi began but Iviv just shakes her head.

"I already got a backlash from that... We know about the Bat riders already... the owl was a nice addition though-"

"Owl?" Vivi tilted her head, Iviv looks at her with a surprised stair

"I guess you were not really paying attention... that big ass bird Zerris owns? no?"

"I... let us move on..." Vivi blushed, trying to change the subject, Iviv rolled her eyes. "The undead attack-"

"You repelled without effort... 'ANY' effort" Iviv shot out, Vivi just sighed "I don't know what kind of Vodoo bullshit is blocking our magic usage but don't waist any more of our spells will you?!"

"Right right... you sound like mother-" she suddenly stops and throws a quick glance at Iviv, she seemed to be looking away, the chains were not stopping her.

"At least she knew how to tell us apart..." Iviv muttered "Knew who each of us was, what we wanted, what we liked, disliked... even knew how to discipline us... not like that master of ours... you are his favourite after all" She looked down at Vivi with a smile... it was a odd sight to see. "Tell me Vivi... what shall we do with Rasha? that perverted delusional manipulative bastard we have in our party"

"If anything he is not delusional..." Vivi laughed before playing with the small flame in her hands "Leave him be... I'm sure he had his reasons..."

"If he tries to flirt with me again?" Iviv grinned, Vivi just smile back.

"Punch him... I will deal with that when he starts doing that to me" Vivi laughed before sighing "Although I don't think from the impressions we made he will ever flirt with us again-"

"Should we make sure he never flirts with anyone again?" Iviv whistled, vivi just gave her a dark glance.

"We'll watch and decide later" Vivi muttered, trying to figure out exactly what Iviv meant...

"What about Anders?" Vivi flinches at the name as the shield appeared in her hands, she had finally had the time to paint a symbol on it... "He is the very man that contributed to Jacks death-"

"I don't know anymore... I can't tell if he is good or bad..." Vivi looked into the distance... she could tell that she was being called back into action..."Do what you believe is right Iviv... I will be back soon..." And with that Vivi vanishes, Iviv sighs as she felt the chains losen.

"What...oh... oh dear Vivi!" Iviv laughed as she began to pull on the chains, the golden tint began to pale as she watched the scene in front of her, Vivi had run after Grim and caused the entire town full of those rider soldiers to flock to them, A big man in heavy armour and a claymor brought his sword down upon Vivi...

And the chains snapped as blood filled the empty void. Iviv laughed and laughed as she walked forward towards Vivi, taking the spiritual weapon that appeared and slashed at the near by soldier. she was gasping for breath and looking for aid, a scared look on her face... she was holding her chest together as a large gash went through her armour... Iviv whispered into her ear...

"Happy birthday poor little Vivi" she laughed as thunder struck a large area around them, the sword evaporated from her hand as the world went black... for once the void was empty...


I... almost died... in more ways than one... Edit

Iviv coughs violently, placing her hand on her chest before using the chair to help her sit up. She could hear herself heavily breathing, the feeling of static was still in the air and-

"Blood... I taste blood..." Iviv muttered as she looked around the void, fully expecting Vivi to be there with her... "Vivi? Are you dead?" She yelled before cringing from the echo. "Damn, it feels like that dwarf hit me on the back of my head again..." She muttered again before an angered look washed over her face. "I'm going to give her a piece of my mind when I get the-" A sudden flash catches her attention, she glances over to a small pocket of space still open to the combat that was still going on, she sighs as she looks down to her own gash through her armour, slowly healing up with a light green glow. The ringing in her ears would not stop... "Who... Where did that thunder come from?! that was no natural occurrence..." She expands the scene and quickly glances to each and every person on the field... Eleven... Ten soldiers of some kind and this Champion fella who caused the gash... Vivi just gave him our bow... what... why? for what possible reason would anyone... Iviv face-palms herself as the remaining soldiers dropped their weapons. Non of them are capable of using spells leaving... "What were their names... Lluila... Uther... Chance... Ragnar... Zerris... and Rasha..." She sighs as she taps the floor "It will take to long to figure out who did it... Vivi... You saw it didn't you? Why are you not reacting? Thunder then lighting? Come on..." She stretched for a bit testing out her limbs before getting up onto her feet and walking with Vivi as Zerris dragged the Leader into a nearby house. Iviv waits for a few seconds, waiting for that scream she loves to hear... Laughter... not friendly laughter... pained laughter... She felt ill... She knew Vivi felt ill... She phases through the closed door muttering "Why are all the fun looking men like this?".

"Vivi~" Iviv chimed as she watched Vivi wake up from her own chair, She made sure that her wound was still visible.

"Yea?" Vivi sighed as she rubbed her eyes "Can this wait? I want to rest..."

"No..." Iviv blatantly yelped at her "You almost got us killed!" Vivi remains quiet as Iviv stormed up to her, grabbing her by the damaged slot in her armour and lifting her off the chair "What was that?"

"What was what?" Vivi tried to smile but sighs as her mind was clearly else where, Iviv rolled her eyes and lets go of her and letting her fall back onto the seat. "Your chains are gone." Vivi muttered as she looked over Iviv, she just looked at the last remaining chain attached to her arm, it hung loosely like a bracelet. "I guess you didn't have to see to know huh..." She looks at Iviv's clear scar across her chest and slowly gets up, stood in front of Iviv and pulled the wound closed, removing the scar completely. "Really now Iviv, I really can't be bothered with this right now... Out with it..."

"You ran in after that damn dwarf and almost got yourself killed" Iviv held up her hand and started to count the problems she had on her fingers. "Someone from your little friend group hit us with thunder, You gave our bow away that I must mention you didn't get back after that dwarf drove their axe into that sad-o's head... good riddance... Three of those idiots built a damn cart out of shields and rode it around like some childish goblins AND there was a spark, I saw it, there was a spark that would have ruined your masters little effort" She gasps for breath, thinks for a moment and snaps her fingers "Did you really have to shout 'Owl'? that... Zerris of yours had it for a while now... actually been more helpful that you have-"

"Enough..." Vivi held her hand up, She seemed generally tired and looked at the crack in the distance "How hard was I hit?"

"Enough to cause that..." Iviv muttered as she traced the weapon that had hit her in the air with her finger before making a explosion noise with her mouth

"Mature..." she sighed as she walked up to the crack, her hand phasing through the non existent crack "I don't like this..."

"Hmm..." Iviv hummed half paying attention to the crack and watching Vivi "Tell your sis what is wrong-"

"We're not sisters..." Vivi glared harshly as Iviv, she just shrugged and continued to push on.

"Apart from almost dying, dealing with in party fighting, Rasha talking about slavery and Letting be back into public, what is eating in your mind..." Iviv asked, waiting for a reply... she sighs as she mutters under her breath just load enough for Vivi to hear "Don't be a downer Vivi... It doesn't suit you..."

"I don't understand you..." Vivi hiccuped as she turns away from Iviv "How can you be kind and so damn harsh at the same time..." She glances at Iviv "I should be asking what is wrong with you!, How can you be so calm, Complacent? just... THERE..." She turns to face the crack... then back at Iviv "I don't know... what do I know anymore... Are you right? are you wrong? Am I looking at things to closely? Am I worrying to much? is your behaviour rubbing off on me-"

"No..." Iviv waves the thought off "I want several members in this party dead, You would know if I had influence over you... That and I have been watching you... I don't see anything out of the ordinary..."

"But I do see something Iviv! YOU!" Vivi grabs her hair "What are you planning? Can I trust you enough not to backstab anyone-"

"Vivi..." Iviv sighed as she leans in close and grabbing one of her shoulders "Who... Tell me who I would even stand a chance against... Grim is an interesting gal... but I will literally die if she tried to hit me, even gently... Thokk? HAVE YOU SEEN THE GUY? no... just... no... I don't have the heart to hurt the druid... I swear Lluila has it worse than us... I saw Uther dispel my magic attack... on top of being a warlock I'll be under her damn spell before I get another chance to hit... Chance and Ragnar... maybe, if I get close... but I don't have anything against them but being annoying... Rasha deserves a spear in the back of the head but I feel that after my last few attempts, he would be well protected..." She looks away and sighs "And Zerris... Well I like the guy... I get it, I know how he feels... honestly I like where he is taking this. His hatred for the undead is genuine... you don't see that much in people... but I'm aware that he would not hesitate to kill us when... if we attack the party..." She stretches and walks away "Truth be told, I'm scared of them... but I will get away with killing one of them Vivi... but it would have to be under my terms and only my terms..." Iviv laughs as she turns around and looking straight down the spear Vivi held to her face, Iviv grined her evil grin "There, That is the Vivi I know and Hate... I will run though"

"Sorry?" Vivi tilted her head and slightly lowered her spear, Iviv shrugs

"I can't beat them, hurt if lucky but not beat..." She watched Vivi begin to smile but then frowned as Iviv's grin did not falter "I can make sure you will never see them again though... I don't care if we die now, If Whoever decides to attack who first, We are going to leave, One way or another..."

"I cannot agree to those terms!" Vivi shouted "We both know they are the only people who could stop us! Stop you!"

"WHY DO YOU THINK I'M SO DAMN SCARED OF THEM VIVI?!" Iviv yelled as she grabs Vivi's Spear and yanks it out of her hands, throwing it to the side "I feel abused Vivi, I'm the one who gets repeatedly knocked out, injured and criticised while you walk away free, I feel used in combat so I can't enjoy it, I'm with company I fear, I have no freedom Vivi! and being forced to work under a god I don't like makes it all the worse-"

"Don't you dare soil her good name-"

"I DON'T CARE, Vivi! I don't see enjoyment as much as you do, These idiots almost pushed you over the edge once! Tell me Vivi, Are these people really good for us?!"

"MAYBE YOU SHOULD START TRUSTING THEM MORE!" Vivi yelled in her face and turns away from her "You can start with Thokk, Ragnar and Zerris..."

"Why them?" Iviv asked, slowly calming down "Don't those three want to kill us?"

"No... and we're splitting the group to get to all of those trees on time..." Vivi smiled as Iviv paled "I can't wait for you to take over for me... oh... and thanks..."

"What? Why?" Iviv whispered as she slowly sits down on the chair that appeared behind her.

"Thank you for telling me the truth..." Vivi smiled before vanishing into the void... Iviv's head fell to her hands as she shivered.

"The Rager, Pyro and... Owl boy?" Iviv held her head up and thinks... "Zerris... I don't know as much as I thought I did... I... damn it... I'll think of something... there must be something..." She looks over to the crack in the void... before muttering to herself "I really have no freedom".


Plans... more plans... and more failed plans! Edit

"Having fun yet Vivi?" Iviv asked as Vivi appeared behind her, passing her and slumping down onto her own chair. they stared at each other for several seconds before Vivi sighs.

"I feel like we are wasting our time..." Vivi muttered under her breath as she taps her fingers on the wooden armrest of her chair. "Who don't you take over for a bit?"

"Nope" Iviv laughed as she stood from her own chair. "I like where this is going, Plan all you want Vivi, with that party of yours, no amount of planning will ever do you any good"

"Maybe..." Vivi agreed "But we're not blindly rushing in anymore... A complete change of pace you know..."

"Right, Because panicking and destroying half of the guardhouse is a change of pace?" Iviv srugged and opened her spell book again, running her finger over several spells "I've been noticing something recently Vivi..."

"What?" Vivi sighed again, expecting one of Iviv's usual complaints about how she does things.

"Our spells..." Iviv taps the book and looks directly at vivi, a thin pair of glasses had appeared on her face at some point, Vivi tilts her head inspecting the design of the glasses.

"What about them?" Vivi reluctantly asked, having her own vision of the book appear in her hand and starts to flick through the pages.

"We have somehow gotten away with blue murder, our spells... they were handicapped for some time..." Iviv points to a specific spell in her book, The book in Vivi's hands turns to the page and spell she was referring to. "This one here... it requires several components I never even heard of... the one below it seems to have some restrictions that had never really effected us before..."

"Is that not a good thing Iviv?" Vivi questioned her, not to sure why she was complaining. Surly the odd misspell cast was a good thing-

"Things have changed Vivi..." Iviv sighed as she tossed her book over to Vivi, she quickly scanned over all of the written notes within the book, each in diffrent colours and several words highlighted in similer colours. "It started with us being unable to use our spells to cast higher than normal spells... then one by one each of our spells began to falter... becoming more difficult to cast, taxing our body and mind... it is like someone's god has decided our handicap is over..." She glared at Vivi "Or someone through we were abusing our powers..."

"Are you talking about Berindil? our Master?" Vivi asked, putting her finger to her lip, tapping it every now and then. "I guess I understand where he was coming from, I did almost snap... You keep saying how you plan to kill one of our friends... and we are breaking a few rules... what I want to know is how we managed to recive this handicap in the first place..."

"You're taking this well..." Iviv raised her eyebrow as she moved behind Vivi, leaning over her shoulder and turning the page of her spell book "By now you would be trying to beat me down or yell at me for even suggesting or threatening something related to us..." she turns around and leans back, head over Vivi's shoulder. "Not even going to give me a lecture on why I should not have more powerful spells?"

"Iviv... If I learned anything recently that would be that nothing in life ever goes to plan, That and you don't seem to react to my lectures, threats or attack, not to include that you over power me when I try..." Vivi pats Iviv's head awkwardly, Iviv just leans back up and leans on Vivi's head with her arms. "I'm trying something new..."

"Something new?" Iviv asked as she tried to pry the book from her hands. "Is it working?"

"Don't know, maybe?" Vivi sighed letting go of the book, Iviv stepped back and threw her book into the air, making it vanish into the void. "I won't know till later..."

"This better not be a spell" Iviv whined, Vivi srugged as she tapped her own spell book.

"How could it... you said it your self... Spells are no longer working to our advantage-"

"Geas..." Iviv muttered, interrupting Vivi mid Sentence "If you wait and use that DAMN spell on me, I sware to god I will make sure to kill you the next time I get out!"

"You know full well I hate controlling people!" Vivi stood up knocking the chair back into Iviv's feet, She did not react. "How dare you even suggest that!"

"Da ja vu..." Iviv muttered again as she leans in close to Vivi's face, she lightly blushes. "I'm not going to kiss you, you damn woman!" iviv sighed as she pushed Vivi back "Can I ask what your plan is, the one that involve the dagger?" Vivi shot upright, pale as a ghost. "Oh poor little vivi, did you forget that I can see EVERYTHING you do? no matter... It was for me... wasn't it?"

"I'm thinking of something... The dagger might be helpful at some point-" Vivi began but yelped as Iviv grabs her by the neck and slams her into the ground.

"What could you... no... a Cleric need a dagger for?" Iviv hissed "How could I not believe that you would use that as soon as I show my true side again?"

"I already told you! When that time comes, I will leave it to everyone else to make that decision!" Vivi gasped for air btu she stays unresponsive otherwise.

"Why are you not fighting back?!" Iviv asked, her grip tightened around her neck.

"Because... It never works... with you... And... you cannot... kill me here..." Vivi gasps between each squeeze... Iviv threw her hands into the air in frustration and kicks Vivi on the side of her chest.

"Vivi... I liked it when you fought back... don't start doing this..." Iviv whined as she scratches her head "How are you to survive if you don't fight back with me?"

"I'm fighting you in my own way" Vivi coughed as she slowly got back up from the ground and points to her neck. "That and we can't do to much to each other without it showing anyway" Iviv sighs as she rubs her own neck, The strangling marks started to show on the skin.

"This... is rather annoying Vivi..." Iviv rubs her eyes and drags Vivi back onto her feet. "It is going to become boring fast if you don't fight back... don't despair at your loss... you noticed a change with me earlier right? I think I found yours..." Iviv walks past her and hisses into her ear. "It is not the fact that you don't trust me, the complete opposite in fact... no... You're just not scared anymore... Not of the world, Not of your friend... Not even me."

"I am still scared of things, I'm scared for my friends and for my own health..." Vivi sighs happily as she rubs her neck, the mark almost gone now. "But I'm not afraid of you, I know you... You know me... as we get more experience of the world, we learn the hardships and the fortune of others. Everyone we speak to and work with have thier own reasons for doing the things they do, each with their own dark or poor past... We're not alone Iviv... You're not alone, just take some time to get to know them-"

"I know who they are Vivi and most of their pasts, I have a lot of spare time..." Iviv sighs "And honestly I don't care. I said this before, I value their help, They are useful and they get the job done but at the end of the day that is all I care for... that and the occasional fear and kill..."

"Iviv..." Vivi shrugged before patting her shoulder "Could you kill a completely innocent person? for no reason what so ever? to look them in the eye as they ask why... Would you take on the law for the sanctification of a single kill? Do you want to be covered in the blood of a child? Can you afford to lose all of your powers?"

"Oh? I shall answer that with another question" Iviv grins as she glares at vivi, Grabbing both of her shoulders and squeezes hard, a faint crack echoed through the void, "Do you care for your friends? Would you give your life for them, to guarantee their safety as you slowly die? unheard? unseen? Could you abandon your faith to bring an unworthy friend back to life? Can you handle losing your humanity to me? to them?". She chuckles evilly as all colour drains from Vivi's face "I know you would not abandon your friends... Grim was the perfect example... You are the Light, Where there is light, There is darkness"

"And you are the Darkness... Where there is darkness, There is light" Vivi chimed in saddly before she vanished into the void, Iviv sighs as her shoulders readjusted themselves back into place before testing out her limbs.

"Would I kill a child? Far to late to ask that question Vivi... Poor little Vivi... There is no such thing as complete innocence" She chuckles to herself as she sat down on her chair, flicking through her spell book before flicking her fingers...they sparked... "That close already huh... Geas... Geas... maybe... I know how to win now... I know how to kill Innocent people and no one would even know... Not even you Vivi..." she claps her hands together, looking at the glowing crack in the void... she blinks and rubs her eyes before looking towards the crack again. "Again with that figure... I'm not imagining this... is someone watching me... Who the hell is watching me? us? Fine... If someone is really there then hear me well! No matter what you do, what you hear or what you say, I will finish what I started, I will break her, I will destroy her innocent nature! She is my goal! Vivi will be the one I kill, a show of affection and love from her only other sister..." she looks around and sighs "I really need to get out..."


Undead, Cows and Sieges... Undead Cow Siege... Edit

(Waiting to be updated) (The stupidly long siege)


Tricky Temple, Elven Artifacts and Unknowing change. Edit

(Waiting to be updated) (Iviv's First time Out, Gets the party stuck in a dungeon) (Doors... Roofs... Illusions... Fake traps... and the same room over and over again) (Effects of the dream like state carries over to reality. -

The Necromancer and the Undead Beholders Edit

(Waiting to be updated) (Zerris's Hometown and his arch nemesis) (Spent the majority of that Paralyzed)


Ruined reunion, The Undead Black Dragon Strikes. Edit

"The crack is getting bigger Vivi..." Iviv muttered as Vivi jumped into the void at a velocity no human should ever reach. "Oh... and we need to have a little talk about what JUST HAPPENED!"

"I think I need a break Iviv" Vivi huffed as she rushed past Iviv before she could turn to meet her, Iviv brief moment of confusion was soon followed by a frown as she tried to find Vivi within the dark void, illuminated by the crack that is now the length of her arm. "A vacation more like... somewhere where I don't have to fight for a while-"

"Are you tired out Vivi?" Ivivi taunted as she spotted her in the distance, she could see her face was pale. "Vivi?"

"Master knew a few spots here and there..." Vivi muttered to herself, ignoring Iviv "I could do what I wanted to do for a while now... maybe start..."

"Vivi..." Iviv sighed as she tried to approach her "Snap out of it..."

"I should find her..." Vivi muttered stopping Iviv in her tracks "We're strong enough now right? maybe we could even get to Dawn..."

"Vivi, Shut up for a second..." Iviv hissed, catching her attention at last "What do you mean find her? And why Dawn? what does that bastard got to do with anything?" She scratches the back of her head before grabbing Vivi's shoulder "And what was that mix up again?"

"Mix up?" Vivi tilted her head as she looks lost in thought "Mix up? there was a mix up?"

"We both took control at the same time Vivi" Iviv sighed shrugging in the process "That damn dragon did something to us, Try concentrating on that for a moment-"

"RASHA! CHANCE!" Vivi suddenly yelled, surprising Iviv "They both were almost killed by that thing!"

"RIGHT" Iviv yelled back as she grabbed both of her shoulders and forced her to sit down cross legged "Take one moment to calm down and then we will BOTH go over what happened, Tell you big sis everything-"

"We're not sisters..." Vivi scowled, Iviv grinned as she held her hand in the air, the spell book appearing in her hand soon after.

"Even so, I must treat you like one... Yin and Yang" Iviv chuckled as Vivi looked up to see her face "It is my job to save you and yours to punish my unsatisfied actions right? Good and Evil, A balance must be achieved to create what we call a life."

"What in gods name got into you today?!" Vivi burst out, worrying about what Iviv is planning this time.

"What got into me? Vivi... That dragon scared the living daylight out of me that I could have been mistaken for a zombie" Iviv tried to joke but her voice cracked half way through "Honestly... People would have been killed if we... you were not there today...

"oh... I can't take all of the credit, You saved them as well-" Vivi smiled as Iviv turned on her heal and opened her spell book.

"Don't remind me, A few mistakes were made but I just made sure we didn't die in the process..." Iviv sighed as a small dummy appeared in front of her "I found something interesting the other day, That temple belonged to another deity, some sort of trickery or illusionist type... but I think we need to ask her for anything more than that..."

"Right..." Vivi shrugged as two spears appeared in each of her hands, The original and the Elven White and gold Spear. "They are still playing around with us... aren't they?"

"Are you talking about the soul bound part that came with the spear?" Iviv held out her hand and the staff jumped into her hand, she inspected it while wearing a thing pair of reading glasses. "Honestly I don't like the idea of a weapon being stuck to my body but... well it is out of our control now..."

"Do you believe that... the spear is attached to our soul, binding us to something bigger?" Vivi muttered to herself, Iviv looked towards her before throwing the spear at the dummy, it struck the left shoulder illuminating a faint white light. "I mean... what happens if we die? does the spear return to the temple? does it take us with it or does it just vanish?"

"Vivi..." Iviv sighed as the spear returned to her hand before they blinked "How the hell am I supposed to know that existential crisis bullshit? now cheer up so I can start annoying you with my own charm like beauty"

"Do you think we will ever find someone?" Vivi asked quietly, Iviv coughed violently as she slowly turned back to Vivi with a disturbed look "You know... someone like... hmm..."

"Vivi... Stop..." Iviv hissed "That dragon must have knocked a few screws lose... Focus on why we are here, Remember? why are we here?"

"That is the thing though..." Vivi slowly got up and stood face to face with Iviv "After we killed that dragon, It made me think about how easily our life could just... end... What are we leaving behind? what proof is there that we existed? History can be rewritten, changed... Clerics come and go... not one remembered for what they do in life... not only that but I feel... I feel that one by one, the members of the May team are being snuffed out..." She looked towards the crack in the void "I was so happy to see everyone alive, The siege, Zerris's home town... The necromancer... all of that horrible stuff was finally done... Then that dragon almost took everything from us... What is our goal Iviv?"

"Why are you asking me?" Iviv shot back, biting down on her knuckle "You were the one who took the job..."

"yea..." Vivi sighed "Who was I kidding? We have no house, our income is almost nonexistent, our friends are being killed and what are we left with? some experience and a handful of dirt..."

"Oi, It is my job to make you feel depressed so straighten the fuck up, put a damn smile on your face and make sure to keep what you have left alive and well!" Iviv yelled, Vivi weakly smiled "Everyone is alive are they not? You made sure of that! so don't you fucking dare pull this shit on me again do you hear me?"

"Iviv... I'm lost... like a little lamb without its mother" Vivi sniffed, Iviv face palms herself before rubbing her eyes "I don't really know why I'm here anymore... We found our master... and I stayed with the group so I could spend more time with you but... You... your encouragement is telling me that you have no intentions in harming any of them now... so... what... what now?" Vivi looks away as Iviv shifts her weight from one foot onto another.

"This is making be uncomfortable Vivi..." Iviv muttered to herself "Look... I still want to kill our master... and I'm still pissed off with those damn idiots you call friends but..." Iviv stretches as she slams the book shut "I guess I learned that we're just as crazy as them... Poor little Vivi... little lost lamb vivi... I so desperately want to see you break but... I really don't know how to achieve that anymore..."

"Do you think..." Vivi began as she inspected Iviv "We changed? for better or worse?"

"We changed... but for the worse..." Iviv shrugged "we're in a dead end job, Got no money, our spells have finally equalled out to a temple priest and we both lost our goals..." Iviv lightly laughed "I stopped insulting you often, You stopped trying to stop me from hurting people... We are shells of our former selves..."

"huh..." Vivi responded as her ears picked up "You know something... I remember something pretty great..."

"What?" Iviv glanced at Vivi as she brimmed with happiness from literally nowhere "ehh... What, this is a rather drastic mood change?"

"You protected a child" vivi simple said, Iviv goes pale "A child who if hurt even once could have killed us in the process, A child of the people how helped us get so far, of people we don't properly know... A Child... Care to explain how you are going to get out of this one?"

"I... ehh... Shit..." Iviv turned away quickly as Vivi laughed, clapping her hands "It was a one time thing"

"I knew it! There is good in you! I finally got to you!" Vivi span around Iviv who was getting increasingly annoyed with her "I don't understand how much this means to me!" she stops in her track and slowly turns to Iviv with her mouth wide open "I just remembered my original goal! Thank you Iviv! You helped save not only the child's life but her future!"

"I... what? She... didn't... It was a dragon! I just..." Iviv stuttered, Vivi watched happily "A dragon... She... Fuck it! She didn't deserve to be traumatised by a damned dragon, An innocent girl should not be punished for the things she never done!" Iviv shouted blushing in the process. "Every last one of us has a damn dark past we have to live with! we all did things we regret! and in due time we all will be punished for it but she did nothing wrong! What?!" Iviv tried to tower over Vivi but all that did was make her snicker.

"I want to see this side of you more Iviv" Vivi laughed and Iviv just sighed and sat down onto her chair "We might even managed to settle down after we're done with this who demon lord stuff"

"Impossible..." Iviv muttered rubber her eyes "One thing for sure Vivi is that once you become a hero, you will never stop being one... and there will become a point where we can die a hero's death... or become the villeins for the next generation of heroes..." she sighed as Vivi sat down next to her "I'm not that type to settle down or to die a heroes death Vivi... you know as well as I do our fate in this tale..."

"Well let us prolong it as long as we can" Vivi hummed "We still got a lot of unanswered questions... and we both need to find new life goals that lets us do what we do best right?" She smiles at Iviv "No one is born evil..."

"About that... Julia Rose was our caretaker right?" Iviv asked, Vivi nodded "Do you remember what she looked like?"

"Vaguely, It has been almost nine years Iviv..." Vivi sighed looking towards the crack in the void. "What about it?"

"well... Who were our parents?" Iviv muttered, Vivi just looked away "We never even knew them, nor questioned if they existed or not. Julia never spoke of them and these events seem a little too... scripted if you know what I mean..."

"I get what you mean..." Vivi said as she reached for the air "Everyone has someone that they cared for, Mother, Farther and child... one happy family..." Vivi clasps her hand into a fist and moved it in front of her face, looking at the palm of her hand, A small white orb sat there blinking in and out of existence "One... happy family..." Iviv sighed as she pats Vivi's head

"I don't mean to upset you this time..." Iviv chuckled to herself "We only had each other for a long time... so I understand why you latched onto the first group that tried to get to know us... but they are no more than your friends... I'm the only family you got left... They cannot replace what we have lost..."

"Iviv... please don't..." Tears ran down Vivi's face, Iviv sighs before looking at the blinking orb, It was slowly dying out and turning to ash "Just let me have this..." she turned to Iviv as soon as the orb fell as ash through her hands "I'm just happy that for once, we could chat with each other without us arguing..."

"Don't get use to it, I'm still in shock from that dragon attack..." Iviv thought for a moment "Actually, I'm more in shock that we have some damn transforming tent barricade cart that is being pulled by five sheep and a cow, WHO THINKS OF THOSE THINGS?!" Iviv joked as Vivi laughs "Give them another day and we might have a travailing circus, oh look a lion, a tiger and an owl is now pulling the cart at the speed of a warhorse" Vivi fell from her chair gasping for breath, Iviv chuckles to herself "Nha... in all honesty they may be damn idiots... but i feel that life would be boring without them... that and a little more dangerous, just like jack, they all have a use... better alive than dead..." she looks down at Vivi's smiling face "Again, I'm in shock, This is not how I usually am..."

"I know... but I want this Iviv more than anything else... This is someone I would accept as my Big sister..." Vivi giggled as she slowly got up and slowly moved towards the crack in the void "I might be in shock too... because I just thought of a crazy idea..."

"Oh?" Iviv tilts her head, waiting for the grand reveal "Go on..."

"I'm going to trust you more... the moment we get some privacy, we should try to replicate taking control of each other when we see fit." Vivi smiled as Iviv staired at like she just got shot in the heart. "That way we won't have to suffer from passing out or switching during annoying encounters. You will get more of a chance to interact with my friends!"

"You are fucking crazy, don't you remember what I am trying to do?!" Iviv shouted as she stood up from her chair, knocking it back into the void, vanishing soon after. "That and we're both not the most mentally stable people in the world, I could still attack your so called 'Friends'".

"I know..." Vivi muttered "But you must also remember that I will still go by our little deal if you ever do..."

"heh... so much for that hero's death..." Iviv snickered "The news lines will be 'The cleric that committed suicide' Not the most promising end don't you think?"

"You say that but if we ever do... well... break, we're going down that villein route... you are anyway" Vivi weakly smiled, not really happy with her own idea anymore "I think we have spoken enough today... I really don't know what we are doing after that..."

"Don't ask me" Iviv chuckled as she waved her hand in front of her eyes, it slowly turned red "But I do know this little trick"

"Huh... funny..." Vivi slowly muttered as she stepped back, vanishing into the void leaving Iviv to ponder to herself.

"What happened to me... She was right, We need a vacation..." she stretched as she reopened her spell book, Flicking her fingers... one of her 6th level spells suddenly spurred to life "Wait what? this is to soon... I... well then, It looks like we are to far in for that peaceful life now Vivi..."